Raise your glass to COBWA!

Stormflower Winery at Wilyabrup was an ideal place to showcase organic produce and launch the new entity ‘COBWA’, meaning ‘Certified Organic Biodynamic Western Australia Inc’.

The event on February 9 th was attended by over 70 supporters of the organic industry and sent a positive message that organic biodynamic farm systems and practices are well placed to meet the global challenges of servicing growing consumer demand for good food ethically produced within consideration for the natural environment and all its wonders.

“Care for people: Care for the Planet” is a strong purposeful founding statement of the COBWA group as it seeks to unite and strengthen the industry in order to shine a positive light on the pathway to organics.

Speaking at the event was guest of honour Ms Vanya Cullen from Cullen Wines. Vanya shared her family’s vision and belief in Biodynamics and the relationship between good soil management and vintage that had depth and many other quality values.

Vanya spoke with quiet enthusiasm that organics needs to stand proud and be comfortable to differentiate itself as a method of production and statement of quality. The legacy of her late parents (Kevin and Diana), their vision and the recent crowning of Vanya as James Halliday’s 2020 Wine maker of the Year are testimony to sticking to your beliefs.

COBWA inaugural Chairman David McFall presented a historical overview of the COBWA evolution through the NASAA WA initiative to ‘test the concept’ of unifying the industry across the various certifier entities (Directions Workshop 8 th February 2019) and later the ‘press to go’ Next Steps meeting at Donnybrook 13 th April 2019. Incorporation as a not for profit non-partisan promoter of organics was confirmed September 20th 2019.

David also thanked NASAA for agreeing to get behind the new entity with a substantial founding fund contribution over the next 3 years and looked forward to broadening that support.

COBWA is also online and active seeking support from grower members, industry associates and the consumer. In appreciation of past endeavours ‘certified’ operator membership is complimentary for the inaugural year. So please sign up now.

Grower identity with the group and support is critical to enable the group to represent with authority the needs of the industry and other policy platforms. The Committee of COBWA urge you to go online at the link cobwa.com.au and confirm your support of the group.

Numbers DO matter and please spread the word about COBWA throughout your networks –friends, family and our ultimate benefactor of good food the consumer base.

Without consumer support and demand for organic produce there is no market place so we honour their buying choice and future role in building a vibrant dynamic organisation.

We look forward to your support and the journey ahead.

Kindest regards - COBWA Committee 2019 2020.

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